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percussive massage therapy

Percussive Massage Therapy Nashville

Fortitude Sports is now offering our exclusive percussive massage therapy in Nashville. In 30, 60, and 90 minute session, we will use a combination of deep tissue massage and percussive massage to help soothe and heal those painful soft tissues.

Percussive Massage Therapy in Nashville is one of the best methods for aiding athletic recovery after training or competitive injuries or simple wear and tear. If you or your athletes suffer from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) this common condition can be alleviated by stimulating blood flow to the damaged muscle tissues using a percussive approach.

This non-invasive technique is also a good therapeutic approach for general muscle conditioning. Frequently the pain area is not the area that needs to be directly worked, and in doing so can cause more harm. This is where we thrive, in executing our know how to treat the root cause and not simply the symptom. Therefore, we recommend that you combine machine percussion with hands-on massage in tailormade sessions designed by our Nashville sports massage therapists.

Our Packages

Choose a session length that works for you! You can call us to discuss what options best suit your ailment or injury.

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30 Minute

$ 95

60 Minute


At Fortitude Sports Therapy, we use the next generation of percussive massage guns, backed up by the hands-on knowledge of our experienced and qualified professional sports masseurs.

History of Percussive Massage Therapy

Percussive massage therapy is a technique with a surprisingly long history. Although techniques for applying hands and elbows in repeated short striking motions have been around for centuries, mechanical percussive massage was invented in the 1800s. In 1868 it surfaced in the form of Tapotement, a method of fast, rhythmic tapping applied to a patient’s body. The technique quickly caught on in Swedish spas and at sporting events and soon many mechanical tools were being created to aid the strategy of delivering fast, repetitive strokes to release tension, promote blood flow and quicken the healing process.

The first handheld tools for percussive massage were pioneered in 1974, commonly known as massage guns. These electrically powered devices allowed massage therapists to accurately target pressure to key areas and apply an even, contoured massage. Now the technique of percussive massage is available in Nashville both its manual and powered varieties at Fortitude Sports Therapy.