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Online Sessions for Posture Correction

One of the most unique services we provide at Fortitude Sports Therapy is our online consultations for posture correction and adjustment.

We’ll study your body stance, gait, and motion over an online link, then work with you to improve your overall posture, which will help reduce injury and improve performance. This is a hugely beneficial service, which internalizes healthy habits of posture and movement.

Whereas massage therapy can help condition your muscles and soft tissues, often after an injury has happened, posture work helps prevent such injuries from occurring. Dynamic Posture is the name for a type of physiotherapy that looks at the body in motion, rather than at rest (as you might commonly be examined in a doctor’s surgery). It’s vital to athletes in Nashville that they improve their efficiency of movement and avoid unhealthy habits, even off the track, pitch, or court.

Common postural problems include stooping when sitting, leaning too far forward when running, excessive rotation of the shoulders and lopsided motion. Not every quirk of your gait and stance is problematic, but our trained postural professionals will separate the harmless from the damaging.

Our procedures are simple, straightforward, and easy to instill as good habits.

At Nashville Fortitude Sports Therapy, we can help condition and improve your posture, even if you are unable to attend in person.

Here's how it works:

The process of posture correction is very flexible and interactive, a collaboration between our trained sports therapists and Fortitude Sports Therapy’s clients. The number of sessions required will very much depend upon the individual patient.
At Nashville Fortitude Sports Therapy, we believe good posture lies at the core of great performance, as well as promoting health in everyday life. We’re happy to take an initial consultation call to determine whether and how this approach might work for you.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’ll get you moving efficiently and healthily in no time!