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Frequently asked questions

It is suggested that first time clients arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled treatment to allow time to fill out a health history form. For all other appointments, simply arrive on time.

Arriving late will simply limit the time for your treatment and your massage will end at the scheduled time, so as not to inconvenience the next client. You will be responsible for payment for your entire reserved session.

Please be respectful that a great amount of energy and preparation goes into each session and that several other people may have requested the time reserved for you. A minimum of 24 hours notice is requested.

Tips are welcomed and appreciated

We specialize in finding and treating the root cause of your muscle and joint pain by correcting muscular imbalances. We have a unique ability to assess postural imbalances that are unknowingly causing pain in your body.

Percussive massage is a breakthrough treatment for soft tissue pain. Percussive massage accelerates the growth and repair of tissues by providing concentrated, rapid, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body. This heavily increases blood flow to the area causing pain relief and an increasing range of motion and function. Percussive massage also provides a gentle stretch to the muscles and connective tissues improving responsiveness and performance.

Percussive massage and muscle stimulation are beneficial in a variety of medical and cosmetic applications, including:
-Relaxing of thickened connective tissue and fascia.
-Breaking down of adhesions and internal scar tissue, present after injuries or surgery.
-Increased venous and lymphatic circulation.
-Elongating muscle fiber, especially when spasms, stiffness and restrictions are present.
-Increase range of movement by relieving stiff joints.

Percussive therapy is for anyone interested in injury correction, injury prevention, and sports performance.

Absolutely! Percussive massage is for anyone looking to heal old injuries, or to simply live a balanced healthy lifestyle.