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Thompson’s Station sports therapy

Injury Prevention | Correction | Performance Enhancement

We also serve the community of Thompson’s Station, and we’re proud to announce it too! When you can’t find a quality, professional Thompson’s Station sports therapy in the area, we can help you finally receive the treatment you deserve.

Certainly, no one should accept living in pain, but that’s precisely what many people do! That’s why we remain committed to providing the best Thompson’s Station sports therapy for anyone who wants to transition to a healthier lifestyle.

We know you can do it because we’ve been there ourselves! Our Founder, Michael Jordan, knows first-hand how difficult it can be to recover from sports-related injuries. While playing at college, Michael suffered an injury that had him sidelined for quite some time.

That’s when he decided to dedicate his college education to the study of Kinesiology, and today, he operates a world-class massage therapy facility right here in Thompson’s Station, TN.


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Common Conditions We Can Treat

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But stop by our facility if you’d like to learn more about what else we can treat with percussive massage therapy. It’s a truly unique technique that’s gaining prominence by the day.

At Fortitude Sports Therapy, we know for a fact that percussive massage treatments work well when performed correctly. The trouble is that other massage therapists in the area don’t have the ten years of experience we have.

We help ordinary people just like you maximize the effectiveness of massage therapy, finally giving you the freedom to live as you’ve always desired, healthy and happy!

We also have gift cards available if you want to help out a friend or loved one who requires therapy. At Fortitude Sports Therapy, we’re not just for people who are already physically fit; we want to help everyone in the community live better.

To learn more about our Thompson’s Station sports therapy services, click to book an appointment and speak with one of our qualified specialists.

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