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About Fortitude Sports Therapy

Fortitude Sports Therapy has been developed by Michael Jordan.

Michael’s athletic background combined with his coaching experience and education in Kinesiology helps him provide you, and your athletes, performance enhancement and injury prevention to get you back in the game.

During his career as an injury correction therapist, Michael has worked with high school, college, professional and Olympic athletes, musicians, and more. Michael started his college career at California State University of Northridge with a full scholarship for Division 1 Volleyball. After career ending injuries, Michael’s passion became finding new and inventive ways to heal people. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from California State University of Long Beach and started his career as an injury correction therapist. After seeing the unparalleled success of non-invasive injury correction, and being healed himself, Michael decided to bring this one of a kind therapy to Middle Tennessee.