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We offer injury correction, injury prevention, and performance enhancement therapy.  Sessions range from 30-60 minutes and each session is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual patient.

Injury Correction

This is a target treatment for those with a specific injury or situation, including pain relief and scar tissue treatment. 30 minutes  –  $60

Full Body Massage

A relaxing treatment specifically for those interested in sports enhancement and injury prevention. 60 minutes  –  $110

PMR 1000

The PMR 1000 is a new and revolutionary therapeutic massage device that administers rapid mechanical percussive energy that can penetrate deep into body tissue, penetrating all three muscle layers.   This patented technology provides therapeutic relief quicker and more effectively than the simple vibration treatments of many therapeutic devices. The PMR 1000’s percussive massage can restore elasticity and length to muscles, increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage, and break up post-surgical and post-injury scar tissue.